The World of Tents and Events – Part 1

The World of Tents and Events – Part 1

You can have any colour, as long as it’s white!

Beautiful sweeping canvas, retro curving roofs, and rustic guy-ropes. We love marquees – and so do our customers. Luckily, however, the above statement is no longer true. Marquees are versatile, reliable, and can get you under cover for less than you may think; but the buck doesn’t stop at these tents – and so our structure experts have put their heads together to form the ultimate list to alternative event structures. With a choice for every occasion, and encompassing both public and private events, it’s a list any event organiser will want to bookmark. Whilst not all structures are stocked by Sound Events, we’ll act on your behalf to ensure your event gets the covered space it needs – and, you guessed it, we’ll be on hand to provide top-quality production and hire services.

Part One covers Marquees themselves, as well as Big Tops and Concert Stages. Part Two will cover Tipis, Yurts, Stretch Tents, and a couple of real wildcards  – so don’t miss it!


Traditional Pole Tents and Clearspan ‘A frame’ Marquees

The bread and butter of festivals, weddings, and county shows across the world. Clearspan and Pole Tent structures are the most widely used and readily available temporary structures on the market. Quick to erect, and comfortable in all weather conditions, they’re a true staple. Despite this, it’s important to note that they are by no means plain! Weird and wonderful themes, formal and luxurious decorations, and exciting attractions; all are available in these popular structures. You only need to check out our hugely popular guide to marquee decoration to realise the endless possibilities!

To add a touch of exploration and excitement, a central cone structure can be used to link multiple Clearspans together. Lucky enough to have a water feature or statue in your garden, venue, or site? Now you can make it a centrepiece to your formal event.


Big Tops

The term Big Top fails to describe just how expansive this range of tents is. Strongly influenced and inspired by circus culture – and having been developed over the last century or so – the assortment of sizes, configurations, designs, and colour schemes one can find in the Big Top realm is delightful. Entrepreneurial structure manufacturers have begun producing these in truly extreme sizes. For the purveyor of alternative weddings, a “little big top” with a footprint of as little as 150m2 can be sought; certainly the route to take should your Big Day feature a burlesque, magic, or acrobatic performance! On the other end of the scale, the truly astonishing Kayam range of Concert Structures – manufactured by the elites in the business – sits at a comfortable 12000 m2. That’s space for almost 25k people!

Big Tops generally feature “blackout” canvas, i.e. fabric that doesn’t allow sunlight in. Want to wow your guest or audience with slick light show, this is the solution for you. Sound Event’s provides truly stunning lighting production, for both ambient venue lighting and musical/theatrical performance.


Concert Stages and Stage Covers

The Great British Summer has seen a proliferation of world class outdoor concerts over the last 40+ years. From village fete organisers, to schools, to professional event organisers and corporate brands – everyone wants a piece of the live music action. In response, the temporary structures scene has developed to include stage structures to suit all budgets.

Sound Events project manages, builds, and provides production technology for stages at a real assortment of events. Wedding or party organisers with a love for guitar music and grass underfoot need not miss out – our Marquee Stage Covers can be built within your budget, and provide the perfect vehicle for your function band (or indeed your famous uncle and his backing singers!). Public event promoters can take it one step further with the next generation of trailer stages. These compact road-towed vehicles fold out into impressive performance spaces through the magic of hydraulics.


And that’s not all…

Stay tuned for Part Two, where we’ll cover even more weird and wonderful tents and structures. Don’t forget – Sound Events event experts just love to talk tents, so give us a call at any time to discuss your upcoming event.


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