The World of Tents and Events – Part 2

The World of Tents and Events – Part 2

Inspiration is the first step

Continuing our ‘World of Tents and Events’ series, Part 2 of this blog entry builds upon our previous post – and with plenty of choice in the market for cool and contemporary event structures  we’ve got our work cut out! In this edition, we’re covering Tipis and Yurts, Stretch Tents, and Pagodas. If your planning a party, wedding, public event, or corporate get-together then a funky structure is an choice you won’t regret making. Read on for inspiration!


Tipis and Yurts

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, occasional globe trotter, or simply a fan of the great outdoors, these alternative structures can grace your event with a rustic sense of adventure. Impressive Giant Hat Tipis, shown in the pictures above and supplied by an affiliate contractor of Sound Events, can be joined together to form large party spaces for events of all types. Our corporate event and private party clients are especially fond of these Tipis, as they are a genuinely refreshing take on an ancient design. When coupled with our beautiful  ambient lighting packages – it’s possible to create a truly magical space.

For events with an overnight element, opting for modern yurt-style tents – inspired by the classic Central-Asian design – will leave your guests (or yourself) wishing they had no need to move back to the world of brick-and-mortar! Popular in music festival “glamping” areas, this timeless tent design is the perfect place to retire to after a fireside celebration or marquee wedding. As your event’s main contractor, Sound Events can manage the procurement and erection of any ‘glamping’ configuration you could wish for. Go on, challenge us!


Stretch Tents

Having entered the market via South Africa relatively recently, the Stretch Tent (aka Freeform Marquee or Bedouin Tent) is versatile structure that can achieved large areas of inviting covered space in a range of configurations. Although any colour is possible, most stockists opt for mud-friendly beige or brown – so these structures make the perfect addition to an event designed around an earth colour palette. With attractive flowing lines, they are a great aesthetic choice – and despite the relative lack of available rigging points in the ceiling, it’s possible to put together ambient lighting packages that work incredibly well in these tents. Most importantly, the sides can be brought up or down using varying heights of internal pole. If wind is forecast, the tent can hunker down – providing shelter and warmth. In sunnier weather, taller side poles can be used to let the sunlight flow in. Ideal for the Great British Weather!



With their distinctive conical roof, the Pagoda has been a mainstay of the marquee industry for many years. lined up side by side, they are a fantastic way to showcase traders or catering concessions – and with hints of traditional circus structures they can bring a sense of fun to an event at a relatively low price. Many Sound Events wedding customers opt for a Pagoda Entrance Marquee – using the space to greet guests and enjoy reception drinks.


The Whole Package

When it comes to events both indoor and outdoor, our production managers and tent experts have seen it all. As your delivery partner, main contractor, or supplier, we’ll design and implement a temporary structure solution that works for you, your budget, and your guests. Our warehouse features ranges of furniture, sound equipment, lighting fixtures, and temporary flooring unrivalled in the South West, meaning Sound Events will surpass your expectations time after time.

Get in touch with our hire office at any time to discuss your upcoming event.

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