The ultimate guide to decorating a marquee – Part 1

The ultimate guide to decorating a marquee – Part 1

Sound Events marquees are the ideal solution for any outdoor event. Considering the risk of rain, combing inside and outside spaces at your party, wedding, festival, or community event means you’re prepared for all eventualities. In some situations, the simple and neutral interiors of our structures suit the context of an event perfectly – but for customers who require a touch of excitement, we’ve produced the ultimate guide to decorating a marquee.

In this two-part blog post, we’ll focus firstly on decorating marquees for informal events – such as concerts, festivals, and parties. In part two, we’ll take a more refined approach by suggesting options geared towards weddings, religious events, graduations, and ceremonies.


Selecting your colour palette and lighting your structure

For events taking place in the evening, effective ambient lighting is the single most cost effective way of transforming both the inside and outside of a marquee structure. Installations can be tailored to the nature of an event, as can colours and special effects. Musical performances, for example, benefit from professional stage lighting and moving fixtures– which in some instances is best combined with a lighting engineer mixing the effects to the music. More low key informal events, such as birthday parties or Christmas parties, require the same splashes of colour – but will make better use of lighting positioned around the perimeter of a structure rather than focussed on a stage.
Whatever youre’ event, don’t forget to make use of the colour wheel to discover which colours complement one-another. In this case, opposites attract. So perhaps combine blue with orange, or violet with yellow. Why not take cues from seasonal weather, event themes, and your own preference when selecting colours!




Stretch Fabric

When the formality of silk marquee linings is not appropriate, the internal areas of a temporary structure can be completely transformed through the use of coloured lycra and other fabrics. Correctly applied, this method can be used to obscure metal framework and power supply cables – converting the space into a beautifully decorated and exciting environment for any occasion. When a more intimate atmosphere is required, stretchy fabrics can be used to create a false ceiling, adding curves and ellipses to a structure otherwise characterised by straight lines and angles. Stretch fabric can also be used over a dancefloor – where the stage is covered by black drape or starcloth (see title picture of this post).

Stretch fabric can also be used to great effect when branding your marquee with a company or organisation name. Simply supply your own banners, and use lycra in the same colours to extend the impact of your brand around the entire structure.


Set and Scenery

To add a true sense of escapism, and truly impress your guests, set pieces or scenery can be commissioned and installed either inside or outside a marquee structure. Projects such as this can be as simple or complex as budgets allow, but are almost always pivotal in wowing party guests or event-goers. On the simpler end of the scale, custom designed and manufactured entrance archways are a great way to make a marquee truly unique. These can be built using plywood and scaffolding, with painted designs – or perhaps using fabrics draped around a wire frame. In the past, Sound Events has built entrance archways to complement all sorts of themes – including foliage covered tunnels, ancient greek pillar entrance ways, and Hollywood style red carpets.


Sound Events Archway


Need something more? Why not checkout our Insight into Set-building post, and discover other ways to transform a marquee space.

Our marquee hire and décor team are always happy to talk – so why not get in touch about your upcoming wedding, party, festival, or community event.

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