Tips for office Christmas party organisers in Devon


It’s the time of year once again when office managers, business owners, and HR departments face the biggest challenge of the festive season – putting on a staff Christmas party. Whilst many will settle for pound shop decorations and cold pizza slices, others will recognize the moral boost that a proper bash can bring – even if it means splashing out a bit more cash. This time last year, our office party tips included advice on venue, lighting, and food – so this year we’ll shift the focus toward fun and entertainment. Creating a truly memorable Christmas event for your employees can not only bring people together personally, but also instill a warm organisational culture that improves productivity and morale over the cold winter months. Remember, simply providing an empty space and subsidised bar does not make an exciting occasion. Instead, pick and choose from our selection of tips to really set things off.

1. Theming – Sleigh bells, tinsel, and santa attire are old-hat. To truly delight and excite, set an alternative theme. Suggestions include spaghetti western, Great Gatsby, or space pirates – but whatever you choose ensure it’s well researched and inoffensive! If you’re worried about your guests feeling the pressure to spend money on costumes, focus the theming on the venue itself instead; you could even provide some basic fancy dress for free. There are many ways to transform your office space, hotel function room, or village hall to match a theme. Table centres, feature props, photo opportunities, lighting, and draping can all be used to achieve a prescribed effect.

2. Interactives and Ice-Breakers – Even the closest-knit teams may need help letting their hair down. Rather than relying on small talk and a Christmas compilation CD, spend a little time organising some activities that put everyone at ease. These don’t need to be cheesy – but one certainly shouldn’t doubt the party-power of a conga line or musical chairs. More outlandish suggestions include an Award Ceremony which, serious or otherwise, could recognize staff for their valuable contributions, or perhaps just the worst haircut.

3. Drinks – Although good taste would dictate that alcohol shouldn’t be the centrepiece of a party’s itinerary, there is no denying that guests will be planning to partake in a few strong drinks. Here, party planners have an opportunity to stray from the norm slightly and make the bar itself an attraction. Why not dream up some cocktails that match your chosen theme, or mull your own wine in a desk-top cauldron. Better still, hire a professional bartender who can add flare to drink-mixing.

In short, planning ahead some easy ways to entertain your guests will ensure your office party doesn’t turn stale by 9pm. Why not also scroll through our blog posts and take into account our tips from 2014 too. Remember, whatever your budget, Sound Events can provide a range of services to complement your evening. From PA, lighting, or furniture hire to a full event conception, design, and management solution – we’d be delighted to help. Contact us to find out more.

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