Structure Safety – What to look for and where to find it.

Structure Safety – What to look for and where to find it.

Safety first. It applies to all events!

Whether your planning a wedding, organising a community fete, or project managing the Chelsea Flower Show, safety concerns will have crossed your mind at some point. Admittedly our project managers are required to don their ‘safety hat’ more regularly than our wedding clients – but the reality is that all events are very similar, distinguished only by the scale of deployment. With a plethora of event project managers, event hire companies, and production companies on the market it can be hard to separate the few bad apples from the majority of professional and safety-conscious companies. Luckily, organisers of smaller events both public and private can look for a few key indicators when selecting contractors.


The formalities

The United Kingdom has one of the most developed Health and Safety cultures in the world. Thanks to years of tireless campaigning and legislating, workplace accidents have reduced dramatically over the last few decades. Any event contractor or project manager you bring to the table has certain obligations under health and safety law, and whilst it’s mostly unneccassary to trawl through legislation and literature, a few key formalities can be checked for piece of mind when engaging external companies?

Are they fully insured? – Can they provide up to date Public/Products Liability, Employers Liability, and Hired In Plant Policies?

Do they hold any industry accreditations? – Sound Events is one of only 5 structure contractors in the region holding the Muta Mark.

Are they reputable? – Website testimonials, search engine reviews, and word of mouth. All of these can help you decide whether an event supplier can really carry out the work they’ve quoted for.


The Subtle Clues

Depending on the size of your event, or simply the fact that it’s taking place on an extra-busy date in mid-summer, you may not be in a position to recruit an events contractor that’s been directly recommended to you. In essence, you’re going in blind. If all goes well, you may strike up a commercial relationship that lasts for years. On the other hand, you may be sorely disappointed. There are plenty of subtle clues you can search for when judging if a contractor is the right fit for you:

Can they provide Risk Assessments upon request? – It’s not unreasonable for you, the client, to request these. If they are not forthcoming, there’s a chance they haven’t even been written. Buyer beware!

Have they offered a site visit? – For stages, marquees, tipis, or other temporary structure, the advanced attendance of the contractor on-site is a sign of diligence and thoroughness. It’s also likely to mean the installation process goes smoothly – so everyone’s a winner! Sound Events offer a site visit as standard.

Who are their previous clients? – Check out the website. If you notice photos, testimonials, or logos from reputable companies or organisations, you can bet that this firm is used to complying closely with health and safety best practises. Sound Events regularly undertakes work for The Royal Navy, The Royal Airforce, University of Exeter, and a variety of local councils.


The Crew

Finally, common sense is a tool not to be underestimated. Whilst you greet your contractor, check out the crew they’ve brought with them. Are they wearing safety boots, uniform, or other Personnel Protective Equipment? Do they don hard hats in unison during certain operations? Are they a happy bunch working as a team to get the job done? If you can give a resounding thumbs up to each of these questions, there’s strong evidence that a culture of safety exists within your contractors team – and despite all the legislation and literature, it’s cultures such as this that truly create safe events!

Sound Events is the safe and reliable choice for marquee hire and event production in the South West. Need a contractor who’s up to scratch with everything Health and Safety related? Call us today.

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