Rock Solid Race – Its back and as muddy as ever.

Rock Solid Race – Its back and as muddy as ever.

“Possibly the muddiest obstacle course race in the UK, and with 9 water obstacles to contend with, the punishing Escot terrain will live in your memory forever – in a good way…”

For many years now, Sound Events has been involved in what is arguably the best mud-orientated obstacle course on UK soil. Punishing though it is, Rock Solid Race is one of the most exciting events in our calendar and we’ve relished the opportunity to watch it grow as a concept. Now with two race sites (Milton Keynes and Exeter), it seems that the team behind this muddy slice of hell are a true unstoppable force.¬†Contenders for 2015 are set to battle against a series of challenges over mud, water, and field. With more and more participants every year – we’d say now is a better time than ever to give it a try. Even the Sound Events team are considering it…

Naturally, many entrants opt to conquer the race in the name of a charity. However, if you’re in it just for the personal satisfaction then that’s fine too! Luckily, the RSR team lay on hot showers, secure storage, branded tee, and full on after party to sweeten the deal – and that’s where we come in.

To make sure all runners have the security and shelter they need, we throw a hefty chunk of our structure stock at Escot Park over race weekend. Whether your registering yourself, changing into mud-gear, sipping a pint of cider, or enjoying the live bands you’ll be housed comfortably in a Sound Events marquee. Watch out for our crew working on site – and if they don’t look muddy enough then get throwing!

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