How much does a marquee cost to hire?

How much does a marquee cost to hire?

Here is a very quick and basic guide on the cost of hiring a marquee for your wedding.


You first need to determine the size of marquee that you will require. To work this out, you will need to consider the following questions:


1. How many guests will attend your wedding during the daytime?

2. Will you be having a sit down meal?

3. Will you want a buffet area?

4. Will you have a stage for a band and/or DJ?

5. Will you need space for a bar?

6. Will you have a dance floor?

7. Will your caterers need a separate catering tent?

8. How many additional guests do you expect in the evening?


As an example, to seat 150 guests on our 5.6ft round tables, with a buffet area, stage, bar area and dance floor, you are likely to need a 12m x 21m marquee.

The approximate cost of the marquee, linings, furniture and equipment for a wedding to seat 150 guests would be:

12m x 21m marquee (with linings): £1779.00

12 x uplighters and 2 x chandeliers: £280.00

10 x 5.6′ round tables: £86.00

150 x limewash chiavari chairs: £540.00

18′ x 18′ parquee dance floor: £270.00

Hard floor: £798.00

8′ Bar unit: £80.00

One 6m x 3m catering Tent (matted and lit): £250.00

A 5m x 3m stage: £187.50

Disco lights: £120.00

Speech P.A: £60.00

TOTAL COST: £4450.50 + VAT


We hope that this is a useful guide for you. Of course, there are many other options for you to consider when choosing a marquee for your wedding, and the guideline prices given above are just approximate.


If you would like any further help in planning your wedding day, and choosing a marquee and venue,  or if you would like a detailed quotation from us, do get in touch any time on or telephone us on 01392 250679.


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