Wedding Marquees

We stock a range of event structures, and our stock of Wedding Marquees is wide ranging, meaning we can adapt our structures to your tastes or indeed the very theme of your event! A range of sizes of both traditional and modern tents are available all year round.

Clear Span Marquees do not require king-poles or guy ropes, so you can achieve a larger event space in smaller areas such as gardens and courtyards. Clear Span Marquees are modular, so they can be constructed to a variety of sizes. Follow this link to see some pictures of our Clear Span Marquees.

Traditional Marquees offer sweeping lines and a vintage, rustic feel to your big day. Traditional marquees are also modular, so can be built to a wide variety of sizes. These beautiful tents offer themselves well to our extensive decor expertise. Follow this link to see some examples of our decorated Traditional Marquees.

You may also want to see what additional Services we offer such as Decor, Power and Distribution, Furniture and Equipment Hire, Lighting and Sound Engineering and much more. Do get in touch any time via our Contact Page if you would like any advice on which structures to choose for your day, and for details of our pricing and availability. We have also published some Useful Resources for Brides and Grooms planning their wedding day which we hope you will find helpful.


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