The Ultimate Guide to Marquee Decoration – Part 2

The Ultimate Guide to Marquee Decoration – Part 2

Last week you read our killer tips for marquee decoration at informal events. At the time, we promised we’d be back with advice for more formal occasions – so if you’ve got a wedding, 50th Birthday, or gala dinner planned, this post is vital reading!

Whilst these tips are geared toward formality, it may still be important to bear in mind our Part 1 guidance… Particularly when it comes to colour palettes!


Drapery, Bunting, and Flags

Adding sophisticated fabrics and tasteful bunting is simple and easy – and is the starting point to transforming a marquee space.

Marquee linings are available in a range of colours, but many wedding or birthday party clients keep things clean and elegant with ivory coloured drape that accentuates colour schemes used elsewhere in the marquee. Importantly, linings obscure ugly power cables in use by a caterer, band, or bar – meaning they make a great starting point in any marquee décor plan.

Ivory linings are complemented perfectly by a well-selected run of bunting. Whilst fully-fledged marquee linings are usually installed by your marquee hire provider, bunting is easy enough to do yourself – and given that a Clear Span marquee is not short of attachment points, you won’t be limited to simple configurations. To add to the sense of occasion, why not continue bunting runs outside of the marquee. This works especially well when seating and tables are provided in the sunshine.

Flags are used by some marquee hire customers to add a real sense of ceremony to an event. We’ve seen family crests, company logos, and national flags all used to great effect in entranceways, or as decoration outside a marquee. Where needed, flag poles can be erected by Sound Events.


 Table Centres and Decoration

Table centres are a tried and tested way of adding a touch of traditional or rustic class to a formal event. Wedding clients often take cues from table linen and table runner colours when designing a table centre. Nothing is too outlandish, so don’t be afraid to get creative with foliage, stones, beads, seashells, and fabrics.

To unify your event space, why not add splashes of colour to your marquee linings that match with your table centres. Your marquee hire provider can source lining materials to match most table centres – and will gladly add them into existing marquee drapes.


 Seating, Furniture, and Zones

Furniture has a huge effect on the internal aesthetic of a marquee. It can set the tone for an entire evening, as well as complement other decoration you’ve already chosen. Table configuration is a trendy subject – as the layout can have a great effect on the party atmosphere. Many brides/grooms and party organisers are opting for long rows of rectangular trestles, that foster an air of medieval style banqueting – which is perfect if you want to peer down a long table and check all your guests are enjoying themselves!

More traditionally, round tables mean the joy of selecting cohorts of friends and relatives that enjoy one another’s company. Need to keep an Aunt away from your new sister-in-law? Simply ensure they’re seated facing away from one another! Round tables in offset rows remains arguably the most elegant seating configuration, suitable for the most formal of occasions. Combine them with crisp white linen and tasteful crockery for a true sense of occasion.

Naturally your guests need somewhere to sit – and the huge range of modern event furniture available means every taste is catered for. Seat pads can often be delivered in a colour of your choice – once again tying together your marquee décor colour palette.

Even for formal events, it’s important to cater for different levels of comfort and relaxation. Zoning your marquee can make it appealing and exciting – so why not add a chill-out area with sofas and coffee tables. All of these items are available from rental companies – and often in a range of styles and colours. For summer events, bring the fun outside with some poseur tables or garden furniture.


There your have it! Naturally we’ve seen a huge abundance of décor ideas over the years  – and these blog posts are but a summary of some of the most accessible and effective ideas. If you have a vision for decorating your marquee, why not see if our hire experts can help?

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