Insight into setbuilding at Sound Events

Insight into setbuilding at Sound Events

Although you’ll predominantly find Sound Events crews building structures and stages or operating lighting and sound systems, we’re lucky enough to have a raft of additional competencies that are particularly specialist. This post focuses on the building of set for music festivals.

We’ve built set for Hijacked Festival, Beautiful Days, and Aeon Festival over the years – and its an activity that brings its own set of challenges. Working on event sites means little in the way of existing infrastructure, which results in set structures having to be based around the use of putlocks as anchor points.


The above picture shows the use of both steel scaffold tube and aluminium Layher beams anchored to the ground by putlock (a 5ft steel tube driven into the earth). These uprights are subsequently braced using diagonal tubes and further putlocks.

hijacked scaff set

The next stage, shown above, was to add horizontal tubes running across the uprights. It was these tubes that provided the fixing point for the plywood set, which is build in panels called “flats”. The flats were affixed using oyster couplers, a scaffold fitting that is capable of clamping wooden batten to steel tube through a gripping mechanism.


The end result aided the client in achieving their vision for an immersive indoor stage named “The Aquarium”. A large plywood fascia was painted and affixed to the set structure, obscuring the marquee and providing two portals into an underwater styled venue.

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