Almost every type of event needs an electrical supply, to power everything from lighting to audio and heating. Sound Events can take care of the supply at events of any size, and you can be assured that all of our equipment meets relevant standards of safety and modernity.

Distribution from  household supply

For many events. it is possible to distribute power feeds from a household supply using outdoor rated 13 amp extensions. Our electrician will ensure the correct amount of sockets are employed to ensure that the circuits are not overloaded, and that there is an adequate spread of load according to the context of your event.

Generator Hire

If you do not have sufficient household power, or your using an off-grid location, we can supply generators in a variety of sizes to adequately power your event. All the generators we supply are super-silenced, well maintained event generators. Our event production experience has taught us that “no power equals no show”, and so we ensure that event support staff are only a phone call away, backup generators and fuel supply are available, and if required an electrician remains on site for the duration of your event.

Generators with installation completion certificates

For commercial and large scale public events, we can supply generators with all powered circuits signed off and certified by a qualified electrician. In addition we can arrange re-fuelling contracts for events that are longer than one day. All of our installed electrical equipment is PAT tested for safety in line with current regulations.

Christmas Markets, Outdoor Shopping Events, and Food Festivals

For public events with complex power distribution needs, Sound Events can design and install extensive distribution networks, whilst supplying crew to ensure all concessions are safely connected to the supply. With vast amounts of H07 armoured cable and rubber box distro, no market event is too large.