Whilst not necessary for all types of events, a flooring system of some kind is usually a desirable addition to your event structure. Our range of solutions is laid out below.

Parquet Dancefloor

This varnished parquet dance floor comes in 1m (3ft) sections and is finished with a safety edging. It is best suited for areas with a reasonably flat ground level. Its modular nature means that we can supply an attractive dancefloor to suit almost any size and budget. Why not combine it with a disco sound or light pack?

Black & White Dancefloor

This is a similar system to the parquet dancefloor, but gives a beautiful Black & White chequered finish.


Matting is the perfect economical solution for protecting guests or event attendees from mud and rain water, whilst offering a natural or rustic look to outdoor venues.


Carpet is available in an extensive range of colours. It can either be fitted onto a wooden floor or laid directly onto the ground. A carpet that matches your event colour pallete is a vital element of decor production, which we also supply to many of our clients.

Marquee Flooring

This flooring system is built with interlocking wooden bearers that lock floorboards together to produce an ideal hard surface for most events. It is finished in a hardwearing dark brown paint but can be covered with coloured carpet to suit any colour scheme.

Please get in touch for consultation on a flooring solution.