Christmas Parties in Devon, the Big Day Approaches!

Christmas Parties in Devon, the Big Day Approaches!

Whether you see it as a burden or a blessing, organising the office Christmas party can be one hell of a task. You’ll have to cater for everyone from the teetotalers to the seasoned mulled wine drinkers – and all on a budget! To take some of the weight off your shoulders, the Sound Events team have created 3 key tips for a successful office party:

  1. Location, Location, Location.Your colleagues want to be celebrating the holidays relaxed and worry-free. Pick a party location that makes it easy for your friends and co-workers to get home. No one wants to be waiting for a taxi at 4am in the middle of nowhere, so why not lay on a minibus or organise a lift-share?
  2. Atmosphere.Have you ever been to a party that just didn’t feel like a party? ¬†Many celebrations are left feeling muted and underwhelming due to a few simple problems. Firstly, look at your ambient lighting. The harsh fluorescent bulbs of your office or local village hall will not create a memorable party atmosphere – but luckily, creating a colourful wash of light across walls and features is easier and cheaper than you may think. Secondly, layout is vital. Don’t just push all the furniture to the side of the room, instead create an area designed for standing guests, and an area for others to sit and chat. Finally, don’t leave music until the last minute. Don’t risk busting your home hi-fi, or leave party-goers dancing to a tinny cd player – the atmosphere that the right music on a professional sound system can create should not be underestimated!
  3. Food. Want to avoid all the typical office party cliches? Feeding your guests is a subtle way of avoiding the drunken antics that may result in next year’s party budget being slashed! Whether its a simple buffet or a sit down meal, creating the right ambiance for this part of your gathering is just as vital. Fairy lights, festoon, and coloured lanterns make a great addition to any dining area. Your party is the perfect opportunity for co-workers to get to know one another, so why not opt for a long trestle-style table layout that encourages guests to intermingle… Be careful to avoid assigned seating though – there’ll be hell to pay!

Naturally any office Christmas party, corporate celebration, or company event can be fraught with difficult decisions and compromise. Whatever your budget, Sound Events can help you produce a memorable event. Why not let us handle the creative side, whilst you concentrate on persuading the boss to pay for a free bar! In fact, whether you need sound, light, or entire event production – our experienced team will produce a night to remember. Even if you don’t have a venue.

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